New Pick Ups!

Over the holiday season there has been massive sales on across the world, on all high-end clothing. I recently have just got into the high-end scene, such as ADYN, The Yeezy Collection etc. However, the brand that caught my eye the most has to be Represent Clothing. As I only stand at 5’7, longline and oversized stuff is quite hard to come by for it not to be too long or too oversized, but represent do it perfectly!

Anyway on to the pick-ups! 🙂


My first pick up is the Represent black denim jacket . This jacket is unbelievable soft and is proberly my favourite pick up. The distressing isn’t too much either, some brands overdo the distressing, but represent have hit the nail on the head with this one. The oversized feel is also amazing I did go TTS (True To Size) with this and the fit is unbeleiveably.

Jacket 4JacketJacket 3Jacket 2


My Second Pick up is both the placket flannels in the beige colourway and the red colourway. To me these pieces are very underrated, I haven’t seen many people actually rocking these. The flannel itself is super soft, fits amazing and for me it is a great layering piece. The oversized fit once again with the dropped shoulder and the centre back seam which is a signature of represent. Picked these both up in the Boxing Day sale for £50.00 each, amazing price as they retail for £95.



The third pick up is the scooped black t-shirt. This piece is amazing for layering, however, this fits massive on me unfortunately, I’m going to have to get it tailored to fit me, if not I will have to sell it on. Other than that this piece is amazing quality for the price of £25 in the boxing day sales you can’t really go wrong.



Finally my last pick up the essential destroyed sand-wash denim. This has to be my second favourite pick up, this is my first purchase of the new collection of denim. I own near enough all the Fury denim and a pair of black bikers but the feel and the softness of these denim blows them out of the park. These honestly just feel like you’re wearing joggers, they are that comfortable. The colourway is just on point as I don’t normally go for a bright colours. These are also a steal in the Boxing day sales for £45.


To finish off my blog, is an outfit grid and a picture of the pick ups in a complete fit check it out :

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