Outfit Of The Day // Represent// Topman // Adidas

Hello all, I hope everyone is well and enjoying life. Today is my first ‘outfit of the day’ post. At my workplace, every Friday is non-uniform day, meaning we don’t have to wear workwear. This gives me the opportunity to show off my style more and let’s me enjoy the comfort I get from wearing what I like. In the fit pics below will feature the following:

Represent Clothing Plack Flannel Shirt – I have explained this piece on my first blog post a few days argo. Here’s the link, go check it out: New Pick Ups

Black Oversized Longline T-Shirt – This is a recent pick up of mine. This piece features more room across the chest with dropped shoulders, curved hem and a longer length for a true oversized shape. This fits me perfectly, not too long and not too oversized. I personally love the whole oversized and longline collection by Topman. This piece came at an amazing price of £12.00, and there’s a huge selection of colours which is a bonus.

Represent Essentail Destroyed Sandwash Denim – This is one piece I love so much! Like the Represent Flannel, I’ve explained the above piece already. One again here’s a link: New Pick Ups. However I feel like I didn’t explain how incredible this denim actually is. The denim is so soft on the skin and looks amazing too. The distressing on this is starting to blow out a bit, as I have worn these so much already. I just can’t express how much I love this piece of denim.

Adidas Orginals Tubular X – This shoe is absolute fire! I bought the shoe in the beige colourway, super comfortable and very durable. To me they look like a alternative to Kayne West’s Yeezy sneaker collection. These were also a steal at £64.99, however, these are now all sold out, so I have linked you guys with a alternative pair.




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